Who is behind this blog?

Hi there 👋 I'm Kammy. Thanks for checking out my page!

You probably stumbled across my page because you want a better life for yourself. I'm so proud of you.

Let me tell you a little about me...I'm a millenial, yeah I know it feels like we're in a generational war with others, thanks TikTok.

Anyway, I've been broke, at death's door, come from...as others put it...a broken home, been divorced myself BUT...A VERY BIG BUT...

I somehow managed to get my mindset right, graduated at the top of my class which led to me unintentionally climbing the corporate ladder (barf), became a senior manager...then started questioning life.

There must be more to this life than just making someone else rich and destroying my sanity in the process?

And this is how my business was born :)

I started promoting products online and made money on the side. I know right, it was a crazy discovery. But sadly, it wasn't easy for South Africans to succeed.

I learnt all the tricks of the trade and created training that now allow my fellow South Africans to launch businesses on a global scale!

How exciting is that!!

Hold my hand as I take you through the free platforms you can use to be as professional and successful as possible!

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